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Back when computers were still mysterious machines which filled entire rooms with spinning reels and blinking lights, one could go down to the local dealer with $4000 in his pocket and drive away with a car with two four barrels atop a seven liter engine, enough room inside for the entire family and a trunk big enough to hold the average import ( I once watched a guy stuff most of a Volkswagen; doors, fenders, hood and more; into the trunk of a '65 Catalina- I kid you not! ).
Pontiac was winning races and had thus established itself as a preferred perveyor of potent powerplants when a young engineer named John Delorean combined an energetic engine with GM's newly redesigned midsized platform and, borrowing a name from an expensive Italian make, gave birth to the American muscle car in the form of the Pontiac GTO.
Within a short time it had become apparent that the American public had a voracious appetite for high performance machinery but there was a growing contingent who wanted the aggressiveness of the GTO but demanded a more upscale image. The gears were still turning inside old Jonny Del's head. He stretched the Goat's chassis six inches; all ahead of the motor mounts; widened the front track and borrowing from the Deusenburg, another timeless automotive classic, gave us the '69 Grand Prix. Back then you could have it all!
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